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Re: Name of a fighting style - anti HTH.

Hi Rick,

You might be referring to my reference to Fiore de Liberi's Fior
Battalgia, a manual from somewhere around 1420 on fighting. That manual
starts unarmed and progresses in a regular manner all the way to two
separate outcomes: fighting with armour, and fighting without armour. But
understand that 'wrestling' in this case involves breaking joints and
suchlike. The reason for the various halfswording techniques at that time
had to do with the fact that the armour was pretty much proof against
sword strikes. There's accounts of older guys bemoaning the fact that the
rich young dudes both couldn't, and weren't interested in parrying because
they weren't getting hurt by getting hit with swords. This doesn't mean
that the sword isn't used as a weapon at all, but that it's mostly the
point finding the joints in armour where it's useful. And as a crowbar.
There's also quite similar German manuals from the same time frame out
there. The Europeans didn't name their styles as such, though. Usually
they were referred to by the author or region where they were popular.

Many styles of eskrima/kali/arnis (Filipino) styles are also quite good at
allowing close combat with weapons, making it easier for you to enter
closely, and keeping the other guy from doing so. Often in those styles,
one begins with weapons and progresses to not using weapons. I can tell
you that the top-level guys I've worked with on occasion have absolutely
no problem with retaining and using their weapons while in close (and even
ground) combat. The Filipinos, in contrast to the Europeans, do name their
systems. Most of the guys I've worked with did Doce Pares.

Neil Gilmore

On Thu, August 9, 2018 9:41 pm, Rick wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was hoping that someone might know of a fighting style which:
> — You could use weapons with, AND
> — Made it harder to get into HTH with you.
> If this style also…
> — Made it easier to get into HTH with others, that would be a bonus.
> I remember reading some expert on this site saying a long time ago,
> that some fighting style was used for fighting guys in plate armor where
> they were basically wrestling in armor using swords like crowbars agents
> the enemy.
> But I’m looking for a name of a fighting style which could logically
> give people a bonus to stop goblins from jumping you in HTH.
> Warm regards, Rick.
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