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Re: seeing through an image or illusion's eyes?

Hi PvK, everyone.
  I felt that Illusions were too powerful and hard to game,
(OK, this person THINKS that they are falling into a pit, 
But they really are not.  The enemy KNOWS about the
Illusion pit trap, and ONE member of the party can see 
thru it…), or (the Illusion can’t REALLY pick up that lin-
stock to light the fuse, but the party THINKS it can, so
when they think that the grenade goes off…), etc.

  Also Illusions of 1 hex powerful beings were problematic 
(quick, we need a special rule for Illusions and Demons, 
quick, we need a special rule for Illusions and elementals, 

  I split Illusions into ‘knots of force’ which were like the 
Wizard Illusions, (but were tightly limited as to what they 
could be), and Phantasmals, which were much more flexible 
(they could be of anything, but couldn’t do real damage).

  Which fixed the Illusion problem as far as I was concerned.

  Since Illusions were a ‘knot of force’ and were really there
regardless as to if anyone was believing them, my Illusions 
can act as scouts.

  Warm regards, Rick.

> On 2019Jul 12,, at 11:05, Peter von Kleinsmid <pvk@oz.net> wrote:
> Thanks everyone for your various views on illusions!
> I've tried a variety of ways for illusions to work, but in TFT I've usually assumed the wizard can see through their eyes... but what's possible to see that way in non-combat situations seems unclear to me, and mainly I don't think I want the Illusion spell also being a super-useful scouting spell.
> Someone on the SJG TFT forum pointed out that the spell's origin is Wizard arena combats, and in that context and for simplicity, there's clearly a strong desire not to have to think about possible limits if the illusion could only see what the wizard already knew about.
> I think I'm currently liking a half-way logic where an illusion involves the thinking of the very nearby intelligent people who see it, and so a wizard/illusion can also see anything nearby intelligent figures know of, but you can't use it to see into an unknown unoccupied area, or to sent an illusionary eagle straight up to let you get a bird's eye view of everything around you. But I'd want to figure out what exactly the lines are.
> Mainly I just don't think I'm happy with a world where real scouts and guards and so on should be worrying about all the birds and small animals they might see and be habitually disbelieving them all, or where every wizard with Image can do aerial reconnaissance, or spy behind closed doors by getting within a megahex and summoning an image inside the locked room, etc.
> I don't much like SJ's new Summon Scout spell (summons a real created small animal for 1 ST per minute to see through eyes) for the same reason, but I notice that it allows bats (mostly blind) but not birds, I assume for this sort of reason.
> PvK
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