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Re: Steve Jackson just announced a new printing of Fantasy Forum

WHAT?!?!?  Did you not get the CAR WARS Kickstarter I want it all.   Come all - you must not be a real Metagaming connoisseur - FOMO or not.   LOL  just kidding of course.   I missed the Ogre KS and really wish I had not.

I played Car Wars with Micro-Machines because they fit 1" hexes just perfect.   The new CAR WARS miniatures will be much larger, but probably not as much fun as the Mico-Machines.

Love lurking on the list.  Take care all and be safe.


On 8/4/2020 2:59 PM, Joe Hartley wrote:
On Tue, 04 Aug 2020 07:51:22 -0700
"Edward Kroeten" <ekroeten@farmersagent.com> wrote:

SJG just announced a new companion that will have the old Fantasy Forum material.  This will be a kickstarter campaign so I will of course be in on this one.
This one's going on my list.

A funny observation about me and TFT...  for years, in fact, decades, I
took a bit of pride that I had a complete set of all the games Metagaming
ever put out.

Then TFT got re-released!  Had to have that as well, in the form of the
"I want it all" KS package.  Then there was Decks of Destiny.  Cool stuff,
but definitely purchased because of FOMO (fear of missing out).

Then came the newer adventures, the Hexagram magazine, and playmats a-plenty.
And y'know what?  I got over my FOMO.  Playmats are cool until I have to
put them somewhere.  I ended up buying an over-priced mailing tube at
Staples to roll 'em up, and now I have a frikkin' tube standing in the 
corner by the bookcase with the games in it.

I'm in a better place now - I can let a TFT KS go buy and not feel bad that
I don't have a complete TFT collection any more.

Still getting Companion 2 - Prootwaddle Zoogaloo though.