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Cidri exists in Hyperspace

"Cidri exists in Hyperspace"

Take all the planes of existence where the Deities & Dimigods of old D&D existed and connect them all to "earth" via gates.  The result is a vast world with countless continents that no one has been able to map fully, and still only has 1g for gravity.

"It's the realm of the gods."

> No one today knows for sure even WHAT Cidri is. 

> Certainly no ordinary planet, Cidri is BIG. No complete map of its surface is known. The standard work, compiled two hundred years ago by the Imperial College of Cartographers at Predimuskity, shows 48 continents (defined as land masses of over 5,000,000 square km.); five of these are in excess of 60,000,000 square km. Almost half the known surface of Cidri is covered with water; most of its seas are dotted with islands. Yet even the great Book of Maps lists nine hundred and eleven locations which cannot be found within the known area - including the mountain city of Paska-Dal, which (by Gate) has carried on commerce with gem merchants everywhere for at least four hundred years.

> Yet build it the Mnoren did

> In The Labyrinth - Page 4

Nine hundred and eleven locations are listed which cannot be found in the 48 continents already mentioned.

In the Appendix of the 1st edition AD&D player's handbook there are 734 planes of existence listed.

I submit to the reader that "Cidri exists in Hyperspace" and is all these planes of existence, and countless other worlds from the "Traveler" game system, all connected by Gate.

David Michael Grouchy II