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(TFT) Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste...

Well, negative to both of those, but it makes a great teaser.

I'm "the Hussar of Conflans" aka Walt O'Hara.  ("Hi, Waaaalt!")
I'm a gamer first, I also doodle around with game design from time to 
time (though I don't call myself one cuz I haven't had anything 
published).  I've played around with the TFT system since it was a 
couple of 2.95 micros.  I remember picking up Melee and Wizard at a 
little eclectic Art Supply/Crafts/Hobby shop called the Frame Factory 
waaay back when... and thinking to myself, "this here's a cool thing.  
2.95 is a lot cheaper than this Dungeons and Dragons stuff over here.  
Hey! Is that a Farrah Fawcett poster?" (that last bit thrown in there to 
give it a period flavor).  I managed to hook one of my best friends, 
Larry the Gun Toting Psycho (our affectionate nickname for him) on the 
game, so between us we bought a pantload of follow on stuff: Advanced M 
& W, In the Labyrinth, maybe one or two of the quest boxes.  Though 
Larry and I loved the game, it never caught on with the guys I gamed 
with (and gaming, btw, meant ROLEPLAYING back then, all day, in my 
friend Jay's basement).  They liked the much more complicated & flashier 
looking D&D stuff that was coming out back then.  Larry and I didn't 
think the mechanics were THAT important, it's the people conducting the 
game.  In any event, we eventually migrated away from it, though we did 
try a few campaigns over the years.

My participation in the Microgame List (the first time) led to me to 
purchase the original Melee game (the boxed version Chessex is pimping 
these days), and to pick up a used Wizard from the Mav a while back.  
They were a couple of pleasant nostalgia pieces, but I wasn't that fired 
up about it-- no opponents... THEN Dale Larson got me hooked on 
Cyberboard, and I got a jones to start building gameboxes, including the 
prototypical Melee/Wizard box that Joe Hartley jumped in to help with.  
All of a sudden, I'm playing Melee and Wizard again (if we can get the 
sequence done correctly).  I'm impressed with the simplicity and ease of 
the original design... it's not the be all and end all of close tactical 
wargames but still a very enjoyable gaming experience.

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