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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT copyrights

>What's unclear to me is what role Howard actually played in the
>development of TFT.  Sure, it was his company, but most of the
>important work seems to have been done by Steve J.  Howard seems
>awfully protective of a gaming system that wasn't really his
>except on paper, but that's a strictly outsider's view of it, based
>on the various credits listed in the games.
>Ironically, Howard seemed to prefer the death of TFT via a long,
>slow descent into obscurity rather than having it remain a viable,
>growing gaming system.  I can't believe he'd thing SJG would screw
>it up - I think SJ feels at least as paternal to TFT as Howard, and
>would never sell it all down the river!

Again, it was money.  I don't think Thompson was particularly attached to 
TFT as a system.  He just thought it was a valuable money-maker, and 
therefore wanted solid compensation to make it worth his while to sell.  
No one else (Steve in particular) thought the amount he wanted was worth 
the value of the game.

--Andrew M.
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