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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT copyrights

> Joe Hartley writes:
>Which raises a question...  How far does a copyright extend?  If I were
>to come up with a new adventure, whether it be as elaborate as Forest-Lords
>or GrailQuest, or as simple as one of those mini-adventures published in
>Interplay, what would be the copyright infringement if I distributed it?
>If the game says that you run into a wizard of ST10, DX10, IQ12 that casts
>a Rope spell at you, is that infringement?

As I understand the discussions that occured earlier on copyright
law, yes - it is an infringement.  For an example, see the stuff
that GameLords produced.  The adventures were obviously for TFT,
using words like ST10, DX10, etc.  For this reason, they had to 
get an agreement from Metagaming to use them.

I still think it might be possible to do a "Generic Adventure",
similiar to the manner in which Decision Games has published
their "Pulp Dungeons" line.

If you were going to write an adventure for TFT without actually
saying its for TFT, there are probably certain code words that
you can use to get your idea across.  Instead of saying a Rope
spell, you use the word "Entanglement".  You might be able to
get away with "Summon Huge Dragon" in place of "Summon 7-Hex
Dragon", etc.

If the adventure were posted here, or a link was stated here,
Im sure the mailing list group would not have any problem deter-
mining what was intended.


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