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Re: (TFT) Re: Late era TFT adventures

amorris5@concentric.net a écrit:

> When I first read this, I got pretty excited, because I've been dying to
> see the remainder of the Land come out.  However, someone else referred
> to seeing them as modules for the Haven system each about a city.  So,
> putting 2 and 2 together, I don't think the two Gamelords products are
> the rewritten modules for Muipocco and Soukor, but rather the two
> anticipated  city modules of Plaize and Shaylle that are in Dihad and
> Darok, respectively.

Within the Tyrant's Demesne takes place in "dhar Ankhes", the fortress city
that stands at the head of the Dorian River.

City of the Sacred Flame is Zal' Akhen, capital of the loose confederation of
tribes that occupy the northern and eastern reaches of the High Valley.

I suspect they can't be easily identified as anything in particular in TFT.
Maybe we could ask Walter Hunt :-)


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