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(TFT) Superhero combat microgames and the crimefighters who love them...

Brad Thurkettle at ThurkettleB@mojo.com.au on 7/7/98 6:38 PM said:

>I noticed Hero Games are launching a product called WildStrike!, a superhero
>arena combat game, at Gencon. Part of the blurb reads
>'The game features a full-color map, full color character cards (with
>Instant Fuzion stats on the flip side), and full color cardboard figures,
>along with a black&white rulebook. It all fits into a 5.5" x 8" package for
>$10. It's designed to be played without a GM as a pure combat game,...'
>It uses Instant Fuzion stats which is a 4-stat system similar to GURPS or
>TFT. Although this is a superhero combat, it would be pretty easy to use for
>fantasy as well.

Hey, what an extraordinarily good idea! A superhero combat micro-game! 
Maps, character sheets, stand-up cardboard figures, and a small-format 
rulebook! No GM required! Wish I'd thought of that.

Well, wish I'd CHARGED for it, anyway! <grin>


Guy McLimore / guymc@evansville.net
MC+ Creations Game Design and Consulting
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