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Re: (TFT) Fw: Introducing myself

Chris Savage at Deacon@strato.net on 7/13/98 8:29 PM said:

>>In regards to the copyright posts;  If one of us were to add some "house
>>rules", new spells, a new microquest etc...and distributed it free what
>>harm would be done!?!?

Depends on how you do it. If you were to put together a free-distribution 
compilation of house rules and new material -- or even a solitaire 
adventure -- that did NOT reproduce or reporint any existing material, 
and that properly acknowledged the source material's copyrights and 
trademarks, you'd probably be all right. But if you reprint any material 
(like tables and charts, rules, etc.) from MELEE or WIZARD, you'd be in 
violation of copyright.

>>Second question: I had heard through my local hobby shop that Mr. Thompson
>>had "slipped out the back door in the middle of the night" kind of thing.
>>Was he in some kind of legal trouble?? Why has he been out of sight for so
>>long? Is anyone actively "looking" for him?

As far as I know, no one is "hunting" Howard in that fashion. I don't 
know if Metagaming folded owing anyone any money. (He didn't owe me, at 
least...) Howard's whereabouts were known for sme time after Metagaming 
folded. My company at the time (Fantasimulations Associates) negotiated 
to buy TFT, as did Steve Jackson Games, Avalon Hill, Mayfair, and perhaps 
others. But Howard's demands in that regard were outrageous, and the game 
system was never sold to anyone as far as we can determine. Later, Howard 
moved to California and most of the industry lost track of him. He may 
not be hiding. He may just be unaware that anyone cares, or he may simply 
not CARE that anyone is looking for him.

>>Third question:  I know where the Silver Dragon is hidden is it OK that I
>>get it since Metagaming is out of business?        ;-)

If it's still there, go for it! (It's not, by the way. The Silver Dragon 
was found and the prize awarded. Now, the Golden Unicorn is another 

>>Lastly:  Guy McLimore,  I recognized your name from Grail Quest.  I really
>>enjoyed playing it!!

Bless you, sir! My overinflated ego never tires of hearing that. Try 
POCKET WARRIOR from Plaid Rabbit Productions, a full RPG system in a CD 
jewel case that we hope has some of the old TFT feel to it. And stick 
around. I have a few surprises in the works, and I guarantee this list 
will be the first to hear about them when they are ready.

Guy McLimore / guymc@evansville.net
MC+ Creations Game Design and Consulting
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