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Re: (TFT) TFT "Collectables"?

65 bucks for a copy of Tollenkars Liar!!!!!   I have a spare copy of it in
mint cond. and wouldn't ask a penny over $40.00 ;-)

Seriously,  I love this stuff and if I didn't have my copies of it I would
covet it greatly but I ain't crazy enough to pay that.  I wouldn't fork out
the 50 smackers for a unwrapped copy of Hitlers
War and it's the only Metagaming work I don't have a copy of.

Just in case any one is looking for some tft material :

1. The Baronry(sp?) had some titles about a month ago.  I don't have the net
address in front of  me but I would guess a search would turn it up.

2. Sleeping Dragon Hobbies also had a few titles.  I had posted a warning
about them on a newsgroup but it turned out to be OK in the end.  The fellow
moved to a new state and got married(or maybe he moved to a new state so he
didn't have to get married ;-)  ). The Phone Company lost his new number,he
had a flat tire,there was an earthquake....
He did have a string of circumstances happen that caused him to delay
sending the order but in the end he straightened everything out and did do
right by me.

The prices at both places were very reasonable.


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