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Re: (TFT) Re:copyrights

>>If I am not mistaken copyrights are for a period of 14 years, meaning that
>>if Steve Jackson, or another stakeholder, did not renew the copyright in
>>1994, the product may be free of copyright.
>You're confusing copyrights with patents.
>The length of copyright terms can be rather confusing, because the law has
>been changed several times in the past couple of decades. For works created
>after 19XX (I'd have to look up XX) it's life *plus* fifty years.
>IMO, that's excessive. Life *or* fifty years, whichever is longer, might be
>fair, but half a century after the creator is dead is a bit extreme.

I believe that's not completely true.  It's been a long time since I paid 
attention, but I believe copyrights do need to be renewed (approximately 
once a generation, though I don't remember the actual number of years).  
However, once the content owner dies, then the copyright remains in 
his/her name for 70 years past the last renewal date (or the date of 
death, I don't remember).  Don't quote me on this...

--Andrew M.
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