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Re: (TFT) TFT copyrights and adventures

>I have no fear of being sued over this issue as I  believe it is "no big
>hairy deal".

Agreed. As a writer, I'm very interested in copyright law. But as a free
game author, I'm more interested in sharing. I think that it's probably
best in this circumstance to take the "No infringement of copyrights is
intended - Materials perceived so will be removed at the copyright holder's
request" tack here. That way, if HT or SJ or the janitor at Hangar 18,
whoever has the TFT copyright, complains, you've already given them a
channel for them to reply in and you've stated up front that you'll comply
with their wishes. Sure, they could probably come in later and say "I
didn't know about this site for years! Look at all the damage you've
wreaked on TFT over that time!", but a) how likely is that, and b) what is
prosecution in this case going to do to you?

>However, I would like to know how the owner of the mailing lists feels about
>us passing around some rules changes, adventure possibilities, new talents

I'm glad you asked, and Joe resolved, this, since I'm working on a
microquest myself. But if I get cold feet and panic at the thought of
ex-Metagaming lawyers (hungry from the lean years) pursuing me, I can
always do like many module writers (Judges Guild, anyone?) did in the
heydays and release it as a "generic" module.

My 2 centidollars, anyway.

Howard K.

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