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Re: (TFT) Underearth system

Guy McLimore <guymc@evansville.net> wrote:
> (Regarding the UnderEarth system...) I was against it, personally, as I 
> felt it diluted our support for TFT and didn't significantly improve on 
> the system. (Why create something new when you have an existing and 
> successful system out there that's undersupported?) 

This, I think, it what confuses me about UnderEarth.  Melee and Wizard
pretty much cover the same ground as DoU, and only make minor changes
to the basic TFT system.  I didn't see the need for a whole separate line.

I see the utility in a streamlined turn sequence; it's what I'm
trying out in the PBEM games I'm playing, and I think it'll work well
enough, but in a FtF game, it's not a whole lot less complicated.  This
had been addressed in Advanced Melee with the Quick Combat System, but I
think that goes too far; it removes concepts such as facing and engagement,
which I like.  Taking just the DoU concept of actions happening simultaneously
to cut down on the number of exchanges per turn, but leaving the rest
intact, seems a better tweak to me, but has limited appeal - if it's not
taking you a day or two per exchange, there's no need to do away with
the non-simultaneousness of it all.

The Lords game adds a whole new element - warfare with platoons rather
than individuals - and is a good addition to either TFT or UE, but has
specific applications.  Fortunately, it seems to hold up reasonably well as
a Microgame, since it's not often a TFT group has a following squadron of
dwarves :)

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