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Re: (TFT) looking for photocopy of mage/melee

JDS <strytelr@pop.erols.com> wrote:
> i have advanced melee and advanced wizard, can some one send me a photocopy
> of basic melee and wizard?

Let me head the flames off at the pass, folks:

JDS, I don't think you'll find anyone on the list willing to do this for
you.  This list has just come out of a long discussion of copyrights vs.
the desire of people to use material.  If you missed it, you can check out
the archives at http://www.brainiac.com/tft , but here's the short form:

As a group, the folks on this list, many of whom are in the game design
and/or publishing business, wish to uphold copyrights, even when the holder
hasn't been heard from in years.

We recommend that you take a look around for copies at various game stores;
it's actually not too hard to find copies these days.  One place I remember
off the top of my head that might help is http://www.gatorgames.com - Jean
was very helpful in helping me get some of the more esoteric items.

There's also http://www.earthsea.com but they're getting top dollar for their

Some other mentions I found in the searchable archives:

> About prices for TFT items, Michael Dean's Fine Games online store
> has lots of TFT stuff at prices comparable to what Joe quoted for
> Earthsea.  http://www.finegames.com

> 1. The Baronry(sp?) had some titles about a month ago.  I don't have the net
> address in front of  me but I would guess a search would turn it up.
> 2. Sleeping Dragon Hobbies also had a few titles. 

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