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(TFT) Re: WildStrike!

Brad Thurkettle at ThurkettleB@mojo.com.au on 7/29/98 8:37 PM said:

>Do you want the low-down on some competition ?
>Hero Games will release their WildStrike! super-hero arena combat game at
>Gencon. It is very much a Microgame, sized at 5.5" x 8" and priced at US$10.
>It includes colour map, colour character cards with stats on flip side and
>colour stand-up cardboard figures. There is a b&w rulebook which uses their
>Instant Fuzion system, a 4 stat RPG system, more like TFT or GURPS. It ties
>into its big brother Champions:New Millennium RPG.
>They've gone for the same angle as you, a fast-paced tactical combat game,
>of course they are starting with super-hero genre as opposed to fantasy but
>I can see them having that option soon if this release goes well.
>Suggest you check out how it sells at Gencon to test the market ;-)

I've heard about this, and it sounds like a good idea. Sounded like one 
when we did it (complete with stand-up counters, but in black and white) 
as In The Name of Justice! about two years ago. (Still available FREE on 
our web site at http://plainlabel.galstar.com)  :)

And yes, we are talking about doing a version of it for the new system, 
once we get the fantasy genre covered.

Seriously, I look forward to buying WildStrike!, as I love anything to do 
with superheroes. (I can't handle Champions -- Hero System moves much too 
slow for me, and I can't seem to get into Fuzion. But this looks more 
interesting. Besides, I can always use the stand up counters.)

I WELCOME any truly new and interesting releases, and this looks like it 
qualifies. Every good game out there makes our industry stronger.

Guy McLimore / guymc@evansville.net
MC+ Creations Game Design and Consulting
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