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(TFT) Hello, I'm Rick

Hello Everyone,
	My name is Richard Smith (Rick) and TFT was actually the first
RPG that I have ever played.  It remains my favorite game and I have a 
group that plays bi-weekly today.

	I am a professional game designer and have the following credits:
I was lead designer on Electronic Arts 'Triple Play Baseball' (the origional
SEGA version).  I was the Assistant Designer on Cavedog's Total 
Annihilation.  And I was the Designer of the TA suppliment: Battle Tactics.
For fun I've been building a board game based on the Sillmarillian and
Dave Einsein and I will be testing it tomorrow.  (Dave is the fellow who
found this list.)

	Over the years I have slowly changed the TFT rules and have
LOTS of new rules, items, equipment, spells, etc. that I can share with
the list.  I have published a couple of TFT magaizines 'The Inept Adept',
and the APA, 'Goblin Keep'.  I owe the subscribers of Goblin Keep an
issue, but money is tight so that project is on hold for now.

	I am thrilled to have discovered you guys (please tell me I'm 
wrong and there is at least one female subscriber!), and look forward to
reading what you all have to say.

	Sincerely Rick

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