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Re: (TFT) Origin Box Games

Michael S Kluskens wrote:
> >The original boxed edition

Not true, as we all know the "originals" were produced by Metagaming. 
The first clue that the seller doesn't have a clue...

> >, the Microgames as they were called were produced
> >by a company called Origins (Or at least that is what it says on the box).

I wonder if this is a sticker placed on copies sold at Origins way back
when?  Or maybe even at a recent Origins (yes, they still hold it but
it's a CCG event now)  ;-) considering the number of new boxed editions
of Melee and Wizard floating around.

I just wrote the seller an e-mail asking for a scan of what he is
describing.  We'll see what he comes back with...

> >The two games actually came out before the larger books, several years
> >before. (as I remember being quite a few years ago when I bought them) I
> >remember buying the large books later when they came out.  It is the same
> >rules just in a smaller format.

As we know, there were no larger books that were "the same" as anything
in a smaller box.  So either the seller doesn't know which end of a
microgame is up, or he's pulling a fast one here...  ;-)

the Mav

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