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Re: (TFT) Hello, I'm Rick

Hi Ty,
	I am planning to make my rules avallible to Joe but have
no problem in letting you put them on your web page as well. 
	I have a fair number of new TFT rules that I can send to 
you for the web site.  How would you like to do this? I can send
you the files as a Word Perfect 3.0 file or as plain ASCII if you do
not have the ability to catch that file format.

	I will be checking out your web site today, I also have
new rules on Dying in TFT and am eager to see how they are
simular / different.

	Really happy to have met you.


>Greetings Rick. I'd love to see your TFT additions!
>--Ty Beard, Esq.
>See my Fantasy Trip website at

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