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(TFT) Back at last

	After about 20 years (my god, that can't be right!), I bought a set of TFT
and am getting back into it. 
	Back then, we all wanted to play, and not GM.  So we created a system using a
game whose name I forget, it used rectangular tiles to lay out a dungeon
pseudo-randomly.  We played with 4 character parties that we moved using the
other game's rules, but when we entered an empty room, we generated a random
party of opponents and fought it out on the Melee map.  It was a lot of fun,
and whiled away many hours of sea time in the Navy. 
	For the first of many questions I'm liable to ask, does anyone know where I
can obtain a map with the megahexes marked, other than tearing apart the books
to photocopy the ones inside?  Maybe there's one on the web somewhere?
	Now, I'm off to search through all those OLD game mags I saved, maybe I'll
find some good ideas. :-)	

John Rebori
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