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Re: (TFT) Ty's Website??

martimer@mindspring.com (Martin Gallo) wrote:
> Is anybody else having trouble getting to Ty's website? I have tried both
> of the URLs he has provided, and both give me FILE NOT FOUND errors.
> http://www.e-tex.com/tbeard
> and
> http://www.e-tex.com/tbeard/index.html

I had trouble as well; my guess is that whoever handles the DNS at e-tex
failed to update the timestamp on the DNS files or mucked up the DNS in
some other way.  For a while I was getting the right IP address for their
real WWW server, but it reverted back to the old address.

Ty, you might want to the the admin folks there that they are having some
DNS problems.

You can get to the site at this address:

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