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Re: (TFT) Megahexs

"Scott A. Johnson" <calaban@inwave.com> wrote:
> Hi all
> I am playing with the possibility of creating a set of megahexs or hexs
> with specific terrain types in a jpg/gif format. I was wondering if any
> one is interested? Let me know what types and format.

This would be great.  I know Ty has some available in Word format (sort
of useless on my Sun, though) on his website.  I'm always in favor of a
more portable document type.  GIF, JPEG and PDF are all peachy for me.

On a similar note, I took a stab at coming up with a megahex background
image for the website, but couldn't get one that would tile properly.
If anyone savvy in the details of web graphics comes up with one, I'll use
it on the website and profusely credit the creator!

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