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Re: (TFT) Megahexs

Pasha and or Rick Smith <pnrsmith@istar.ca> wrote:
> 	If you want to have Mh tile together, you should
> make the outside edges of any Mh tiles 1/2 the thickness of
> of the joins between adjacent Mhs within a tile.   Otherwise
> the pieces won't join correctly.

The megahexes are particularly tricky.  I have maky thanks to make
to Howard K. for his work in making the megahex tile now in use on
my TFT website.

I've been giving a lot of thought as to how to use generic megahexes
in CyberBoard, since what I'd really love to do is to run either 
Tollenkar's Lair or Forest Lords of Dihad by email, but the ever-changing
map doesn't really lend itself.  I have a few ideas, but haven't been able
to work on them lately.  One of these days...

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