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(TFT) Re: TFT Digest V1 #63

From: jh@metheny.brainiac.com (Joe Hartley)
> T's Lair and Forest Lords were the only 2 supplements published for ITL/TFT.
> There were going to be more, but Metagaming folded.  I believe there were
> two others that eventually got reworked and published for another game.

Don't forget Warrior-Lords of Darok, a companion adventure to Forest-Lords.

From: Pasha and or Rick Smith <pnrsmith@istar.ca>
> Two others were indeed published for another game system, but I never saw them. 

Metagaming wrote Dragons of the Underearth and Lords of the Underearth. I think 
these are the ones you're referring to. I have them, but haven't read them.

GameLords, publishers of the Thieve's Guild material, were going to publish 
several adventures for TFT. They ended up retrofitting them for the TG system. 
These are: Lair of the Freebooters, Within the Tyrant's Demesne, City of 
the Sacred Flame, and the City of Haven books (only 2 of the planned 3 were 
published before GameLords went under). I'm sure these materials would be 
simple to convert to TFT.  
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