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Re: (TFT) The Missing Attribute

> I haven't added any attributes myself (other than Combat Reflex Point, but
> they're not really attributes). But if I did want to add one, it would be
> Perception. This attribute would replace IQ rolls for noticing things,
> surprises, and even to figure out when someone is lying. Comments?

I'm not sure I see the need to replace the IQ stat for this sort of
thing.  I suppose it can be argued that there are perceptive people who
aren't that smart, but that sounds like it's covered by using a modifier
to IQ, like the way a skill in AM modifies an existing attribute.

Andrew Morris added the Luck attrubute ( http://www.brainiac.com/tft/homerule.html )
for his games, but my feeling is that it too was an unnecessary addition;
if a GM wants to keep a player from being dead, then it's within his or her
power as GM to perform a miracle and keep a character alive, or add a
modifier to the roll, or whatever.

This sort of thing was used with great success in the GrailQuest game I'm
being run through.  My knight hired on a very interesting NPC (that the
GM brought over from another game to add some spice), and in the very first
battle, she was killed in a freak accident.  After all the time he'd put into
introducing this character, and all the time I'd spent hiring and getting to
know the character, it was a bit of a letdown.  So what he did was pull a
"deus ex machina" and give her an amulet with a specific power that allowed
him to pull her out of the situation.

Was this cheating?  I suppose it was.  By all rights, she should have been
dead, leaving my Knight and squire to trudge on without her.  But all the
Luck attribute would have done was given the GM an extra roll to try to
get out of the situation, within the constraint of a specific rule.

By playing God, we were able to continue (and even enhance) the story line,
and neither of us felt it was a "real" cheat.
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