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(TFT) Is Vindicator good?

Hi! I just learned there was an archive!

I'm also a rabid collector - though I have played and ran TFT many times.
So I was wondering, was Vindicator worth the purchase for TFT fan? I was a
little reluctant to just send money into the void, but I never met anyone
else who would be interested! How is it? Thanks


>>>>>>My name is Michel Boucher.  I'm a collector more than a player (as I
rarely had the opportunity to play TFT FTF...oooo, I like that :-)) and I
succeeded in amassing a complete Metagaming collection which of course
includes TFT, Interplay and the more recent Vindicator.  I consider TFT to
the best RPG game for combat and one of the easiest to learn.  If it
for the dark cloud that hangs over the game, it might be a viable
for everyone, not just a few hardcore afficionadi.
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