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(TFT) Mounting Religion

>>>>>>If I recall correctly, there's a paragraph or two in Advanced 
>>>>>>Melee regarding mounted combat.  Re: ship combat - was Michel
>>>>>>refering to combat between ships, or combat on board a ship?

Actually, I've been re-reading Ram Speed (combat between ships) and
thinking that it would be great in combination with the Space Gamer #24
article "Ships & Swords - Naval Melee" by Glenn L. Williams article (combat
on board a ship). Basically the idea is that whenever you grapple and board
in Ram Speed you could switch to the ship maps and play out the boarding

>>>>>>Some talents and/or spells concerning religion would be useful
>>>>>>as well, but I don't recall seeing them anywhere.  Perhaps 
>>>>>>they are in one of the TSG or Interplay issues?

Interplay #4 had a nice article about "Expanded Priest Talent" by Paul
Manz. Basically it added some spells to the Priest and Theologian talents,
but I thougth that was enough.

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