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Re: (TFT) Re: AD&D Conversion take 2

Hey Guys,
I've seen a few statments from readers that your going to try converting AD&D
monsters using my system posted earlier. Thanks, I'm flattered. I do want to
point out though, It is really only geared toward animals, monsters and
fighter types as far
as ST goes. As seen by my chart....

ST converted from HD
 HD      Tiny  Small   Man-sized  Large    Huge+
 1/2        4        6             -            -            -
 1-2        4        7            10           -           -
 1-1        5        8            10           -           -
  1          5        8            11         14          -
  1+        6        9            11         15           -
  2          6        9            12         16          18

HD of 1-2 (or Zero Level) will give ST of 10
HD of 1 (or Level 1) will give ST 11
HD of 2 (or Level 2) will give ST 12
and so on.

For obvious reasons a Fighter might follow the above guide lines but not
nessesarily Thives or Wizards. You may also have figured already that a 20th
level Fighter will convert to ST 30. That may seem high but all the years I
ran AD&D
campaigns my players never topped 14th level. I tend to run lower powered
games. Also in TFT it says for most campaigns 30, is a good attribute max, and
I've always concidered 20th level is about time to retire your character.

I still stand by my conversion notes as far as animals and monsters go but
Matt has just posted his conversion notes
for Character Types and at a quick glance it looks very well thought out. I'm
thinking using his for fully developed characters and continuing to use mine
for monsters/animals as well as basic Orcs, goblins and other cannon fodder

Anyway, looks good Matt,
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