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(TFT) Shields in TFT

A while back some people were talking about Shields in TFT being useless.
This is the system I use.

For people without the Sheild (6/1) Talent, shields work normally. For
people with Shield Talent you automatically get a roll as folllows:

Shield Type *   
Iron    ST 25
Wood    ST 20
Leather ST 16
Wicker  ST 12

* Magic shields multiply this x Magical Bonus

Each time you are hit roll 3d6

Sheild Roll     Protection this Round
3-8             Shield takes no damage, figure takes all
9-10            Shield takes half damage
11-18           Shield takes full damage

Add Shield Talent Skill Level to Roll
Add Magical Bonus to the Roll

Extra credit if you can tell me where this rule came from...

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