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Re: (TFT) Carrion Crawler

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I don't know about that. When I say perfect I mean exact. You take a D&D
Griffon and convert it and It comes out with the same attributes as the
existing TFT Griffon.
You can continue tweeking the system until that happens, and get it perfect
until you convert the next exsisting creature, and that one is way off. The
problem is that every game designer has his own opinions about these
that never existed, seldom do you get similar results. Heck just look at
creatures compared to the same TFT creatures. Using the attributes as is,
still differ. And that is the same designer. 
I'm not saying you can't get close, I just don't belive they convert 100%
every time.

No, you can't ever convert exactly in that sense - but mostly because most
games don't have a 'mathematical' basis to begin with - they just 'felt'
right to their authors, and by extension will 'feel' right to their
players. But I do think that you CAN mathematically take the 'feeling' from
one game system and convert it consistently to the 'feeling' of another
game. You have to write your conversion specifically enough to cover a lot
of possibilities, though. 

For example, though Steve Jackson's conversion from AD&D to TFT works
fairly well for most medium strength monsters, it breaks down (for
capturing the right 'feel' for TFT) with extremely large/tough and
extremely small/nuisance creatures. But this can be fixed with further
work...ie, if 1 HD or below then...etc...

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