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Re: (TFT) Tangentially related: Selling stuph on eBay

The Hussar of Conflans wrote:
> >>Thanks Joe and Mav. I forgot to mention: It has a $1 opening bid and
> >>NO RESERVE! Yikes. :)
> What does the NO RESERVE part mean?

On EBAY, you can start an item out at a minimum bid but have a higher
reserve price which is the minimum at which the item would sell (i.e. if
I had an item with a minimum of $1 but a reserve of $10, if the bidding
did not reach $10 the item would not sell.)  The reserve system is
useful for sellers who aren't sure of the value of an item and are
testing the waters as to the value of it.  It is also occassionally
suggested that some people use unreasonably high reserves to prevent an
item from selling and then sell it to the highest bidder under the table
to avoid some of the EBAY fees.

the Mav

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