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(TFT) Re: WarpWar Site

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If I ever put together my own SF universe, I'd like to use Warp War as the 
basis of FTL travel.  

Now, I just need to find a copy for sale. ;-)

Well, some of the sites have the complete rules printed on them - with
their own modifications, but certainly completely playable. One site even
has an electronic version suitable for PBEM. Let me know if you want to try
it out! ;D




Warp War: 
PublisherCostAvailabilityExpansions AvailableMetagaming$5.00Out of
This is a very simple space combat game. You transfer fleets between
various warp points. Once within a system, you fight any other ships you
may find there. Combat resolution is simple - the bigger fleet wins.
Designed as a short game for beginners. It's unfortunate that Metagaming is
no longer around, since there's very little on the market that fills this

Black Hole: 
PublisherCostAvailabilityExpansions AvailableMetagaming$5.00Out of
Tactical space and ground combat on an asteroid for possesion of artifacts.
The unique feature of this game was the wrap around map. Missiles exiting
the top of the map came back in at the bottom, making it possible to
surprise your opponent (or yourself if you were not careful). 
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