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Re: (TFT) Appropriate use of copyrighted material

Daniel Tulloh at daniel@jaws.greatwhite.com on 12/31/98 11:29 AM said:

>> Use the CONCEPT of Melee -- a man-to-man board-based combat game with 
>> tactical maneuvers, attacks and defenses, etc. 
>One could perhaps argue that this has been done already - witness
>the arcade games of SoulsEdge, Tekken3 and Virtua Fighter.  They
>are not RPGs, of course, but they are man-to-man combat games.

Yup. They didn't need to be based on board games, either. Someone pointed 
out that DOOM is based (underneath the screen) on a square grid and basic 
"die rolls", too and that's fine. That doesn't make it MELEE, and that 
aspect is pretty much invisible to the player.

MELEE isn't an RPG either. It's a board game with an RPG feel that hooks 
into an RPG pretty well and expands to an RPG once In the Labyrinth is 
added. That's what COMPACT COMBAT is, too, sort of. It's a board game 
with an RPG feel, and it's compatible with the full-fledged RPGs based on 
PlainLabel. You should be able to take COMPACT WARRIOR and POCKET WARRIOR 
characters back and forth with a minimum of rethinking. But COMPACT isn't 
an RPG and it isn't MELEE either.

Guy McLimore - guymc@evansville.net
MicroTactix Games - http://welcome.to/microtactix
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