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Re: (TFT) Appropriate use of copyrighted material

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>...gee, sort of like TableMaster? 8-) 

One of my favorite programs! Highly recommended! And partially one of the
inspirations for the question...

>>>>>>Writing a computer game based on TFT -- probably a Bad Thing. Y'see,
>>>>>>only reason for using TFT material in a computer game would be to
>>>>>>advantage of the TFT name and goodwill, and that is absolutely WRONG.

Now this I have to disagree with. The reason for using TFT as the basis for
a computer game is because it's a better game design than I (as a
programmer, not a game designer) could make. 

>>>>>>Since there are many other, and better, ways to handle character
stats and
>>>>>>actions in a computer game, there's no defense at all for that one.

Of course there is! Why are "other" ways --- automatically "better"? Why
would another way be better? I see TFT perffectly suited to a computer game
precisely *because* it's not very complicated. That's always a plus for a
computer game. The thinking that because it's a computer, it shoud be more
complicated is why a $2 Microgame has far more 'play-value' than a $50
playstation whose play value is about 4 months tops. 

Now, I'm not really intending on writing a computerized version of TFT -
but I do resent the implication that because it didn't START as a computer
game, it would somehow make a bad game. That logic certainly didnt work for
MechWarrior or Heavy Gear (both highly successful computer games) -
expanded yes - but still with a basis in the paper game. 

>>>>>>This has gotten entirely too long and too convoluted, even for me. I
>>>>>>some more sleep -- I need a holiday to recover from my holidays!

But it is definitely interesting and I hope my tone hasnt offended anyone.
I thank you for your informed opinions, they are very enlightening. 

I sincerly hope that the internet broadens and revisits the applicable
copyright laws. I for one, would love to pay you for a computerized version
of CENTRAL CASTING and regardless of the legal wranglings defy anyone to
explain why it would be wrong for you to write it, sell it and how that
could possible harm any of the origonal authors (or how any of the
origional authors could lay any rightful claim to any part of a
computerized version). 

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