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(TFT) Re: I'm go'in drive my car

Dan writes,

<<<Everyone has a number of mundane
talents associated with the society in which they live - Driving
is an excellent example.  You don't really need to get a Driving
talent unless you want to drive professionally, get an edge in
the weekend racing events or become a full fledged race car driver.>>

I agree, I see with this is the fact under IQ 9 you have MUNDANE TALENTS,
like butcher, baker,& artist; which falls inline with your train of thought
(some of us without these talents "butcher" everything from Thanksgiving
turkey to staying within the lines of a coloring book).
To continue in this vain, the driving talent states "ability to drive a
wagon, cart, chariot, etc" and continues to state "or act as a mahout (sic)
to control an elephant, dinosaur, or other LARGE animal, in battle or
otherwise.  It continues "gives horseman-like abilities (q.v.) with respect
to large (over 3-hex) riding animals.

Examining the abilities gained through this talent it's cheap considering.
This talent is one that needs to be thought about.

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