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(TFT) Non-wizards get +1 damage in HtH?

I believe the origin of this rule is in AM21, where it is detailing the
"inherently" done by creatures of varying ST.  After the table it
mentions that
"A fighter in hand-to-hand combat does the appropriate amount of damage
for his 
ST as above, plus 1 -- that is, a ST 9 fighter does 1-2 damage.)"  Now I
that "fighter" is used here to mean anyone involved in HtH combat, but
Bill Gustavson (the codex compiler) or HT decided that it was a more
meaning of "fighter" that was intended, and decided to, ahem, clarify it
in the 
codex by changing it to "non-wizard".

Anyone know anything about Mr. Gustavson, by the by?  He wouldn't happen
to be
on the list, would he?

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