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(TFT) TFT: Rules Complexity

Hi everyone,

I have been lurking for a couple weeks on this list.  I recently dug out my
old copies of Melee and Wizard.  I have become inspired to begin a campaign
for a couple of players.  TFT appeals to me and my players because of it's
clean design, and it's defined combat rules.  (We are mostly board/war

I do not own ITL, although I do have Advanced Melee and Advanced Wizard. 
For our purposes the advanced materials seem to overly complicate the game.
 The best thing about TFT is the quick clean combat system, and the
wonderfully defined effects of damage, movement and spellcasting.

The whole idea of having adjusted ST, IQ, extra stats, and so on does not
appeal to me.  All of this seems to obscure the approachability of this

One of the posters recently pointed out that TFT doesn't allow a charachter
like Conan to be designed.  I feel the basic game easily allows this sort
of character.  It's so simple, just ignore all the complications of skills.

If you feel you must have formal skills (Lockpicking, Forestry, etc.)  why
not just allow what you want for characters.  If there is some sort of
limit based on IQ (like magic), allow exceptions, ignore weapon skills,
lower the charge per skill.  All of these options allows the basic mechanic
of just having 3 attributes to remain unaltered.

I guess my basic point is, TFT is an elegant system.  Don't ruin the basic
design my making it as complicated as D&D.

Best Regards,

Kevin Whitmore
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