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(TFT) Re: More talents

Here are some more that were sent to Mack.

>"TFT:  new talents"
>    Here are some more I placed on the list.
>COMBAT DEFTNESS I (2):  This talent represents the adroitness in combat
>gained by years of experience.  A character when attacked becomes -1DX to
>hit because of an ability to naturally bob and weave when in combat.
>Prerequisite:  DX of 14 or better.
>IQ 11
>COMBAT DEFTNESS  (2).  A higher level of skill.  A character with this
>talent subtracts 2 DX from any attack against him/her in combat.
>Prerequisite:  Combat Deftness I.
>IQ 9
>ARMSMASTER (1).  This character has been trained in a variety of weapons.
>This talent allows a character to use all IQ 7 weapon talents with only
a -2
>DX default, rather than the -4 DX they would have if they used one of these
>IQ 7 weapon skills without the talent.  In order to use the weapon at full
>proficiency, the character must buy the appropriate weapon talent.
>Justin Grabowski

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