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(TFT) Online Gaming

Hello all--

  I've mostly been a lurker here so far.  I played some TFT years 
ago, but DragonQuest became my game of choice.  Still, I think 
that there are similarities between the two games, and I've found 
some useful suggestions that I will try to incorporate into my own 
campaign here.

  My reason for posting, though, is not to take the discussion off-
topic, but to let you know that there is a fairly good facility for real-
time online gaming at WebRPG. (However, it doesn't seem to work 
well for Mac users :( which is a problem since 3 of my prospective 
players are Mac people.)  

  WebRPG has a piece of client software that you install and then 
you can hold multi-player meetings in real time, see the figures 
move on the hex grid as each player moves their character, plus a 
chat window for narrative.  The program doesn't do anything to 
moderate the game, it's just an electronic tabletop to gather 
around.  I've played online DQ this way and it has worked out 
remarkably well (better than I expected).

  The URL for WebRPG online is:

  The general WebRPG URL is:  http://www.webrpg.com/

  Hope this is helpful,

  Rodger Thorm
  DragonQuest Newsletter Editor
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