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(TFT) The Adventure continues II

7)  The party discovers a grated-over 3 foot wide circular drainage pipe on
the south wall of the sewer tunnel.  By the looks of it the looks of it the
grating looks like it has been opened recently (grate has a hinge and has
been left slightly ajar).  If the party continues east, go to 6.  If the
party enters the drainage pipe, they must crawl.  The party crawls
approximately ten hexes south and then the tunnel turns to the east.  The
party then travels approximately 100 hexes and then the tunnel turns north
ten hexes and exits through a grated opening into a larger tunnel that
travels east-west (like the tunnel at 3).  Go to 8.

8)  As the characters enter this part of the sewer, have them roll 3dIQ.
If the roll is made, the characters see a loose panel that was disquised to
be part of the sewer wall.  If they investigate this go to 10.  If they
don't make the roll they can go west to 6 or go east to 9.

9)  Treat exactly like 4, except the characters go back to 8.

10)  Behind the panel is a hex-wide tunnel 5 hexes deep.  At the end of the
tunnel is a door.  If the party members listen at the door, they can hear
voices and movement.  In order to open the door one character (only,
remember it is only a hex wide) must make a 3dST roll (remember the door
rules from TFT:ITL).  Go to 11 once the door is opened.

11)  If the ST roll is made on the first try, the occupants of the room are
surprised.  If the roll is not made the occupants are ready to stop the
intruders as they enter the room.  On opening the door, the characters enter
from the southeast corner of the south wall of a two megahex (MH) deep by 3
megahex long room.  At the far end of the room are four hobgoblins.

ST 9 DX 10 IQ 7 adjDX 9 MA 10
cloth armor/small shield (3 hits stopped/3h.s.) and each carries a hatchet

Each goblin carries $1-6.

When the hobgoblins are defeated, the party will see a door on the northern
part of the eastern wall and in the center of the west wall is a 3 foot
round wooden tunnel one hex deep with a door at the end.  If the wooden
crawlway is entered and the party goes through the hatch, go to12 (they will
hear nothing beyond the hatch/door).  If the eastern door is entered, go to
14 (3dST and remember door rules).  If the door is listened to again voices
and movement can be heard.

12)  Once the party member opens the door/hatch, they will notice that they
are coming out the top of a large barrel that is laying on its side.  There
are other barrels stacked together on top and beside the barrel the party is
coming through.  The point man will notice the room is 4MH by 4MH, it is lit
by a lantern and in the center of the northern wall is a ladder.  From the
looks of it, you seem to be in a storage cellar with barrels/ boxes placed
about the room.  Have the person who opened the barrel make a 3dIQ roll.  If
the roll is not made place that person outside of the opening of the barrel
and then the watch dogs attack.  If the IQ roll is made, the point person
can either enter the cellar or close the barrel head/door as they have seen
the dogs.

DOGS (3)
ST 8 DX 13 IQ 6  MA 12
Hits stopped 1 and bite does 1d.

If the characters look around the cellar from the items discovered it seems
as though The characters have the choice of going back to 11 or going up the
ladder to 13.

13)  If the characters go up the ladder they come through a trap door in the
floor of a kitchen in a tavern (you create what the tavern looks like
size-wise/description) The first character that enters the kitchen roll a
die, if the roll was a 6 the party is attacked by the occupants of the
tavern.  The next character that goes through on a roll of a 5-6 they are
attacked.  The third character on a 4-6 and so on until the six turn where
the party is discovered and attacked by the tavern toughs.  The fight starts
with the characters facing two fighters (possibly bouncers)

ST 11 DX 13 IQ 8  MA 10
Both wear cloth armor (1h.s.) and carry maces (2-1d)

After three rounds the bar owner and four toughs enter the room to join the

ST 16 DX 12 IQ 10 MA 8  adjDX 10
Has warrior and veteran talents and wears +1 fine leather armor (h.s. 5) and
he also carries a +1 dmg. magic broadsword (2+1)

ST 10 DX 10 IQ 8 MA 10
Each carries a club and does 1-1 damage

When they are beat up the party can either leave the taven and enter the
city or they can go back to 11 (after they go through 12 of course).


Yours in Cidri,

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