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Re: (TFT) A name's a name or is it???

From: "grabowski" <grabowski@erols.com>
Does anyone else have a favorite character name??

I was creating a Lizardman that was going to be so foul that his very name would bring on nausea. I thought 'what is it that would make even convicted hardtimers disgusted?' BABY RAPE. This character evolved into another nauseating thought. What race would be so disgusting that its very name would be unconceivably wretching to the other players? Elven half-orcs. And that's half-orc on his mother's side.

He has a twin brother: DEPRAVO THE RAT (name from Python's poster of The Philospher's Song.) [Depravo is my favorite character. Lots of history to this family. Babi Rap (from 'babi' elf for infant and 'rap' orc for molestation.) is actually a naive hulk a la Of Mice and Men. Joe de Pravo (he was adopted by a human family of the town of Pravo) is a very ugly elf cavalier. Does insane things but always for the good; even if you can't see it yet.

He has a cousin called NOZIET SHIRELOCK; And a sister that is a corsair called WELFA QUETOO. She is a very beautifully exotic looking orc!

For the females its a half-elf theif called COLLETTE VIXEN and spy called THEODORA DUMFUK and a dwarven priestess called URSULA USLUT.

And now from the What we Did then, What we Do now Department:

How Did You Start?
I was a high school senior when a mutual friend ran us through a new game called Melee (and Cosmic Encounters too). It was amazing, but he our group and the rulebooks with him. Then I purchased ITL, AM, and AW and lived to tell about it.

What Job Did You Do?
I worked at a fast food chain called Carl's Jr. Then as summer temp washing out blood vats for a medical company.

What Job Do You Do Now?
I work photodocumenting rides and attractions for Walt Disney Imagineering. As I finish these lines I am going to document the dark ride Winnie the Pooh at Magick Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Hot and sticky weather here tonight.
Oh, and I'm a game designer...of FANTASY CHESS.  Soon to a URL near you.

Silas, I would like to see that rules compilation. It was a project that I wanted to do also (no time as usual). I'm sure Joe can post it on his website if you make it into a form he can just stick in there. Believe me, the group will build it up and tear it down, so be ready to justify anything that you place in there. (By that I mean, explain why you put this item in and left the equivalently concept by another contributer out. Also, why you grouped things the way you did, etc. Its not that you will get flack, its just a passionate topic with us.) I suggest you be the one to edit it also. (Joe will not have time to edit this and it might go long between updates.)

When I get the chance, I will post my race and talent packages.

Well gota go to work.   Hi ho, hi ho, its off to work we go....

John Paul

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