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(TFT) Magic yes, Magic no?

Bjorn Gnarlfoot writes:

Heres a question for the group. As I map out the campaign I wish to
design for the group, a question has struck me. DO YOU PREFER >HEAVY MAGIC/FANTASY SETTINGS?

I personaly think that too much magic can really unbalance a scenario and dampen the fun. So can no magic in a campaign. I think that magical beings and monsters are fine but the amount of magic items, weapons, and high level wizards should be carefully examined.

I look at it this way. If you are GMing a long term campaign every magic item that is picked up by members of the party will be used against your NPCs later on. So, it kind of ups the ante each time a magic item is picked up (even if they can't use it players will allways try to sell it). The GM can always rig some way to take the magic item from a character at a later date but... this is difficult to do without having players feel that they were gipped or robbed and they will resent it. It is also possible for most, or all, of your magic items fall into the hands of only one character (like a thief) and then the party can get really unbalanced. In my opinion, it is better to deal magic items sparringly rather than try and take them back later. Planting magic items that can be only used by certain members of a party is also a good way to keep magic spread out.

All this after years as a TFT player trying to get our GM (and close friend) to open his Scottish purse strings and give us a little more gold and magic items. We actually found out that it was more profitable for our characters to stay home and get jobs than go out adventuring! Oh well, I guess I finaly see his point of view. (Thanks Brett)

Thanks for reading.
Jim (1d-5)

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