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(TFT) Re: TFT Digest V1 #199

The first rule change we made in my TFT group was to increase the
cost for going up a stat point after the first 4. If you want to
inhibit 60 point characters you can just keep increasing the cost
to go up. My orginial motivation to do this was to maintain the
symmetry of the original character stats.

Motives for adventurers? Sheesh! Duty!, you know, restore the
princess to righteous rule yada, yada, it's in a lot of the movies.
The motive can change as the story unfolds of course.

Low fantasy can be very entertaining. One of the best game masters
(Paul Reilly) can leave you completely unsure of whether you are
seeing magic, trickery, or technology. Our characters stop a foreign
sorcerer outside of a besieged castle. He takes advantage of our
knighthood to talk at us for a few minutes (duty, honor, etc., you
can't just bash everyone at the drop of a hat you know). This wears
thin and we are just about ready to get him, when he uses his perfect
sense of timing to gesture at the castle, and a tower bursts into
flame and collapses. Now, we were _pretty_ sure that he had engineers
mining it for the past month, but he had the NPCs sold on his
mighty power, and we weren't certain one way or the other, so he
got away. This takes a good game master.

If I have expressed myself unclearly, too bad, I will be away at
"pennsic" for over a week and won't be reading the digest.

Nils K. Hammer

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