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Re: (TFT) Thieve's World

I did for a short time. I invented the Power Leech spell
(see below) to allow the hazard class wizards to steal the power from
the low level apprentises. This one rule change went a long way to
help to make TFT feel like Theives World.


>Anyone out there ever use the Robert Asprin's Thieve's World module from
>Chaosium for there campaign world?
>I always thought it odd that most of the other game systems that contributed
>to this endeavor came from someone who worked for the company that
>manufactured the game system. The TFT section was authored by Rudy Kraft,
>who was a game designer for Chaosium. ????
>Yours in Cidri,

IQ 17

S Power Leech Allows wizard to steal the recovery of a fST from some subject. You need access to a lab & a personal item from the victim. This is a new method for wizards to gain power for their spells. After finding a victim who is capable of using magic a wizard may exact a small but steady drain on that person's fatigue. Thus the victim regains fatigue slower. This spell will weaken the general health of the victim and make them more vulnerable to infections and diseases. A power leech combines elements of Voodoo magic with regular magic.
To cast a power leech you must know the victim's true name (or know the victim intimately) OR have a long time personal item & some of the victim's blood.
To cast the casting wizard must spend $500 for ci & burn 1 live leech ( live leeches cost $1 to $3). The wizard casts the enchantment taking 1 week in the lab. 50 fST must be spent each day.
At no point during this time may the victim (wherever he is) step into a pentagram, have a spell shield on him, cross a rune line or otherwise leave the magical continuum or the enchantment will fail.
At the end of this time the casting wizard breaths the smoke from the burnt leeches then the enchantment is complete. The name of the victim must be spoken or if you are using personal items & blood, they are also burnt at this time and the smoke breathed. The wizard must wait for the power to flow into him at the rate of one pt/15 min.
A 3vsDX is required at the end of the week. This is an ritual for purposes of magical backlashes. If the spell succeeds, then the GM rolls 3 dice: on a critical failure, and explosion will do $100 * 3d+2 damage to the lab (and the power leech will fail).

A power leech increases the casters maximum fST by one. It does not cause him/her to regain his/her own fatigue faster. However the leeched fatigue refills on its own. Example: Drain'em the Wizard has 4 leeches on various people. He casts a spell choosing to use all of the leeches & also uses 3 of his own ST. In the first 15 min he gets back fatigue from all of the leeches (+4 fST) & 1 from his own fatigue. In 45 min he is at full ST.
You may choose which leeches you wish to use.
A Power Leech (on either person) may be sensed by a Reveal Magic or an Analyze Magic will tell what it is is. A Detect Enemies will find a Power Leech on the victim.
Up to 5 leeches may be put on a person with each new one costing double time to cast.

Removing a Power Leech:
1) Casting a dissolve enchantment on the caster (person who's getting the fST) will dissolve it.
2) Either person leaving the magical continuum. This does 1d+1 damage to the caster & 4d+4 to the victim.
3) Either person dying. This does damage as per 2 above to the survivor.
4) Casting a Remove Cursed Objects on the victim. This does 4d+4 to the victim only.

Finding out who has put the leech on you.
1) Cast an Detect Enemies on the caster.
2) Awish can confirm a suspect
3) A powerful ( 3 hex) demon will find the caster of a leech ( taking 1 to 6 days to do so) & then attack the caster for 12 turns. A demon will do this instead of giving out a wish.
4) Divinations are extremely good in tracking down Power Leeches.
Cost: 50 fST per day for 1 week

(c) Rick Smith 1983

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