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(TFT) Arsenic and Old Lace

I came upon a question that Michael Taylor had written in his TFT Gazette
about better rules for poisoning.  I'll give it try:  Thanks, Rick


The poisoning rules in TFT have a lot to be desired as far as a realistic
poisoning goes. To give you an example, after a giant spider bites you (gets
through hits stopped) it does 2D damage or BAM! on the average seven hits.
There are some poisons that work that way today but none or very few that
would attack a victim that fast in a medieval sense.  Below I will give you
a way that it could be possibly done without slowing down the game that
much.  The best way to explain this is through an example.

Poison I:  A giant spider does 2D poison damage, the maximum possible damage
is 12 points and the minimum 2 points.  Once a character is bitten roll 4d6
v. ST.  If the character does not make this roll, the character takes two
points of damage (the minimum amount on the 2D poison) from the poison.  If
the character does make the roll, he/she takes only one point of damage.
The end of the next turn the character rolls  3d6 v. ST.  If the roll is
made, the character will take NO more damage from the poison.  If the roll
is not made the character will take another point of damage from the poison.
The character will continue to roll each turn until they make the ST roll or
until they accrue the maximum amount of hit points the poison can do.  The
giant spider's poison would attack the characters system for possibly 11
combat turns.  If on any turn the character makes a critical miss on their
ST roll, double or triple the amount of poison damage the character takes
that turn.

Each poisoning of a character is considered separate.  So a character who
was poisoned twice would have to make two ST roll each turn.

Optional rules could be related to the time the poison takes to enter the
system.  An example would be rather than rolling each combat turn  maybe
every hour/two hours/etc... or maybe twice a combat turn.

I tried to keep the system as simple and uncomplicated as possible while
trying for some realism.  The hardest part is keeping an account of the
character being poisoned turn-wise.

These are just ideas!
Yours in Cidri,

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