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Re: (TFT) Re: Ambidexterous

grabowski wrote:
> Rick stated,
> <<<I agree this is more of an advantage than a talent.  Talents
> are things people should be able to 'learn'.  If it _IS_ a talent I also
> agree it should have a lower IQ.  (IQ 7 I think.)  The question I
> would ask my self is: "Do I mind Giants NOT being able to take
> this talent?"  I see no reason why their low IQ should prevent
> Ambidexterous giants.>>>
> I still think it should be IQ 10 as there is a difference of being born with
> it as an advantage and learning it in later life.  Who sez a giant can't
> have ambidexterity as an advantage where it has no IQ requirements.
> It takes a lot of effort and will (both of these I believe are IQ-based
> because of the disbelieve option in combat) to learn ambidexterity.  I think
> a TYPICAL TFT giant is more interested in eating and finding stuff to eat
> than learning higher level talents.  If a giant has this ability it should
> be in the form of a advantage rather than in a IQ based talent.
> Here's somethin' weird, I bat right in baseball but I play hockey left
> handed but play golf right handed.  Figure that one out, I haven't.
> Yours in Cidri,
> Justin
As a guitarist, I've never been able to figure out why a person who
writes right handed, is considered right handed as a guitarist, when its
the left hand thats doing the REALLY complicated fingering. The right
hand just strums or picks. How about them brain hemi-spheres? Strange
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