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(TFT) Re: Advantages

Dave wrote,

<<<Talents cover both
"advantages" (such as Acute Hearing) and "skills" (like Physicker).  >>>

You are absolutely right here as the TFT:ITL states (p. 11) "Each talent
gives its possessor some ability or advantage not possessed by other
characters" but it also states (p. 12) "IQ cost of a talent reflects both
its complexity and the time it takes to practice".  Do inborn advantages
have to be practiced??  A person that has acute eyesight or hearing that was
born with it????  To get more fantastical, a person with magic aptitude,
although this could be latent???

I tend to agree with Stan, who states,

<<<By this philosphy, though, shouldn't most of these talent(advantages)
have an IQ cost of seven?  You don't have to be smart to have good
hearing, after all (viz: dogs).
And if you *do* have a high IQ, it really does make it easier to learn
things such as how to swing left-handed, or remain somewhat alert at
all times (to "learn" acute hearing).  >>>

The reason this idea came up with is because of the disadvantages that can
be gained through the Space Gamer articles.  I thought they need to be
balanced out with advantages.

I disagree with you on this point,

<<<Two Weapons talent is essentially the same thing as your
Ambidextrous talent . . .  the /trained/ ability to fight with two

Two weapons talent is just a style of fighting and has nothing to do with
ambidexterity.  Read the first sentence of the talent.

Thanks for the critique,
Yours in Cidri,

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