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(TFT) It's an Eloujon

Dan stated,

<<<This leads in to an interesting problem though ... if a
PC sees an image but then doesn't see the image destroyed
(because they were looking the other way or whatever),
does that PC continue to see the image when they turn
around?  Logic suggests that they would and should act as
if the image were still there.>>>

In support of Dan, it states in black-and-white on page 5 in Advanced
Wizard, the image "has no reality and can NEVER do damage.  If it hits or
touches something, or something hits or touches it, the image DISAPPEARS."
It further states that "if images hit each other, both vanish."  So
according to the rules, if ant or fly does touch the image it is dispelled.
Both a fly and an ant have more intelligence than another image.

I don't think that this was intended by the rules, otherwise, why take the
spell if a good gust of wind could destroy it.  This goes back to the idea,
if a tree fell in the forest and there was no one there to here it does it
make a sound.

I hate what if's because they are so hard to answer.  Why not just say the
magic had been dispelled when it comes in physical contact with a weapon
(whatever that may be) or a character, person, or monster
with an IQ above 4.  Let's not get too complicated this is TFT after all.
Basically, think of the magic being dispelled if touched in someway by what
I mentioned above.

Yours in Cidri,

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