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(TFT) Some more on experience


I don't much care for the experence award based on each point of damage done. 
To me it only rewards you for carrying the biggest weapon. I also don't like 
the 'if you score the killing blow you get the points equal to its DX'. 
Really unfair if you spend all the time hacking on it, taking all the risk, 
then someone waltzes in and hits it for 3 points of damage killing it, giving 
him the DX award.

I divide a creature experience value between all the players after the battle 
(or game). And I figure a creatures exp value as follows...
ST + DX if the creature has no spells or spell-like abilities. Keeping the 
creatures value where it always was.
ST + IQ if it was a spell using creature, or one with spell like abilities.

I really feel something like this is nessessary, for a lot of magic-users are 
alot more powerful than their experience point value would lead you to belive 
seeing as IQ is their most important attribute and a direct reflection of 
their level of power.

I havn't figured out how magic items should effect a figures value. I feel 
they should though. Any ideas?

Just my 2 cents (2 weeks late)
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