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(TFT) Clerics & Miracles Part II

As I was going to answer this question a couple of days ago,
Next:  Mitra/Christian Church article Part 2
          Rank in the Church
          Categories of Miracles & Rolling for Miracles
          Experience Points and Recovering Piety
          The List of Miracles
          Some sample Miracles

Here is part 2 of the Miracle Worker package. (Again these are heavily influence by Chivalry and Sorcery and D&D.)

These are the ranks of a cleric in the clergy (Monastic/Friar
           and Monastic Fighting Orders are left out):

  RANK    NAME     (WHERE)             PAY* per month

   1      Acolyte  (gopher)            1/8 chain
   2      Deacon   (Asst Priest)       1/2 chain
   3      PriestÝ  (Parish)            1   chain

   4      Curate    (Church)          10   chain
   5      Prefect   (Church)          20   chain
   6      Canon     (Cathedral)        1   plate
   7      Bishop    (Diocease)        10   plate
   8      Cardinal  (Diocease)        20   plate
   9      Pope <Head of Church proper on Earth> 100 plate

          ÝOrdained     *pay is in the $ equivelant of armor
                         listed and should also be used for the
                         upkeep of the parish, etc.

Clerical Miracles are a type of magic granted by the God. It is broken down into 3 categories:

   (is a miraculous event which occurs to the benefit of someone
   because he believes that the diety will bring the miracle.)
	Power that a priest is granted from his god.  The god is not
   contacted for the use of this.  It is a small miracle.
	The god's intervention at the request of the priest.  It is a
   major miracle.
The god or his minion makes a personal appearance. [On DIRECT Divine Intervention, god will take into account priest's production: Converts, Past Church Missions, Donations, Church Enemy Killed, etc.] *Note on Divine Interventions: One should not bother god too often. He may be in a fickle mood. Who knows what penalties he could visit on you or your friends.

All characters have a piety level. (It is not noted until clerical interaction is needed.) This piety is the level of spiritual mana that is available for clerical use. [IQ divided by 3 + 2D6 = the Piety for the character.] Piety is used in determining the base chance for miracle success. A high piety also increases the chance of miracle success. Non-cleric characters can also contribute some of their piety to the clerical success of their own healing. Piety of 9 is minimum to become cleric.

Your Piety level = number of piety points you start out with each game. It is what is available for targeting. You can spend any, all or none on raising your chance of hitting the miracle target roll.

Going up Ranks by:
   *Quest - Variable points on how well you do your quest.
   *Deeds - overcomes magic, evil, or threat to life -
            must be great risk to cleric
   *Experience Direct Divine Intervention (only your first counts)
   *Personal Revelation; your mysterious experince of
            God in some way;

   You get +2 added to your piety per rank:

      Rank | Rank Exp Points
       1   |       .
       2   |      15
       3   |      40
       4   |     150
       5   |     300
       6   |     800
       7   |    2000

A Miracle Worker Cleric invests his piety into the miracle. Invested piety is then lost until the next day (after 8 hours sleep). The prayer for Strength of Heart <a 2 step prayer> if successful, revives 100% of piety points. Failure revives only 1/2 the lost points. The second step of the prayer, another (Piety roll), if successful, halves all piety costs for performances of miracles in the day it is successful. This prayer is said upon awaking each day.

Most religions will have some type of sacrifice system to appease or petition the god. This sacrifice is determined by the religion. It could be $ contribution, animal/human sacrifice, converts, etc. (Not church enemy killed unless as a sacrifice.) [Why should contributions to the church should be of interest to the Gods? It could be that it helps sponsor chrusades or expands missionaries or buys bigger churches.] These Sacrifice Pot points can be used to contribute to the success of a miracle.

   Contributions to Church <that go into church coffer>
		= Gold pieces/rank
   Converts + D.M. Verified (Convert + Status)/.5 Rank


   The formula for ACT OF FAITH Miracle Intervention is:*
                     *<rolled on 3D6>
   Chance of Faith	= (Base 7) + (Piety points invested)
   + (Sacrifice points invested) + (victim's piety points
   for healing)

	The formula for DIVINE Intervention is:
                     *<rolled on 3D6>
   Chance of Intervention = (Base 5) + (Piety points invested )
   + (Sacrifice points invested) + (victim's piety points for

                     *<rolled on 3D6>
   Chance of Divine Intervention = (Base 3) +
   (Piety points invested) + Sacrifice points invested)
   + (victim's piety points for healing)

There is a possibility of miraculous disaster. The miracle didn't go right in a big way. A roll of 17 is a mild failure. Some small inconvenience should befall the cleric.

A roll of 18 is a critical failure. Woe be to him who brings this upon himself. Miraculous disasters should be appropriate to the miracle tried.

Note: Those of the Christian Faith who have not been to confession in the last 6 months cannot receive the benefits of Miracles (Cure wound will do nothing, fear will not be quelled, poisons won't be neutralized, etc. The unconfessed will be able to receive benefit from prayers, benediction, & holy relics. All clerics can confess people in a pinch. Those of other faiths that God has OK'd, can receive miracles with no confession; however, some contributions to the church should then be forthcoming.

   Here are the names of the Miracles per rank:

Rank 1                Rank 2                Rank 3
Cure Light Wound*     Bless                 Augury
Detect Evil*          Cure Serious Wound    Chant
Detect Magic*         Detect Charm*         Create/Destroy Water
Light*                Know Alignment*       Detect Lie*
Purify Food & Drink*  Resist Fire           Feign Death
Remove Fear*          Silence 15' Diameter  Neutralize Poison*
Resist Cold*          Spiritual Hammer      Protect From Evil
Sanctuary*                                  Snake Charm*
Slow Poison*                                Tongues
Turn Undead

Rank 4                Rank 5                Rank 6
Create Food & Wine    Find Path             Control Weather#
Cure Blindness        Flame Strike#         Control Weather
Cure Disease          Protect From Evil       Immediately #
Cure Critical Wound     - Megahex# <Angels> Heal <Angels> #
Dispel Evil           Remove Curse          Humility #
Find Open Way*                                <Mother Mary>
Insect Plague                               Prayer #
True Seeing                                 Summon Lawful Aid
                                             <usually Angels>#

Rank 7                                      Rank 8
Commune  <Saints>#							Unidentified
Cure Insanity
Protect From Evil
 - Mega Megahex' <Angels>
Raise Dead (Resurrection)#

                         *ACT OF FAITH
                          DIVINE INTERVENTION
                         #DIRECT DIVINE INTERVENTION

[1 hex = 1 inch] There may be some house rules in here and some monsters from other game systems.

===========RANK 1 MIRACLES================================


NAME:       Cure Light Wound*                 ACT OF FAITH
PERFORMED: Cleric lays hand upon creature and says "CURALITE" prayer for 30 seconds. EXPLANATION:1-6 points of damage healed. [1D6] This only works once per person per combat.
   Time to do: 30 second
   Lasts:      Permanent
   Distance:   Touch throughout the 30 seconds

NAME:       Detect Evil*    [Detect Good]     ACT OF FAITH
PERFORMED: While praying, cleric clutches Holy Symbol. It takes 30 seconds to say this prayer. At that, the cleric need only hold the Holy Symbol in front of him and face the direction wished and evil emanations (from creature or object) will appear black to the cleric. The distance covered is 3 inches. This miracle lasts for 5 minutes.
   Time to do: 30 second
   Lasts:      5 minutes
   Distance:   3 inches in front of Cleric

NAME:       Detect Magic*                    ACT OF FAITH
PERFORMED: While praying, Cleric clutches Holy Symbol. It takes 30 seconds to say this prayer. At that, the cleric need only face the direction wished and magic items will appear to glow to the cleric. The distance covered is 6 inches. This is line of sight. If something is behind a wall, etc, the cleric gets a feeling that something magical is beyond. This miracle lasts for 5 minutes.
   Time to do: 30 second
   Lasts:      5 minutes
   Distance:   6 inches in front of Cleric

NAME:        Light*                           ACT OF FAITH
PERFORMED: While saying the 'LIGHT' prayer, cleric nods to an area within 6 inches away. At that point light will appear. It takes 20 seconds to say this prayer. EXPLANATION: The light is equal to torch light, but only covers a 12 inche diameter. It lasts 1 hours or until cleric revokes it. Light can spring from air, rock, metal, etc. If cast on an item, item with light can be moved.
   Time to do: 20 second
   Lasts:      1 hours/until revoked
   Distance:   Within 6 inches of Cleric

NAME:       Purify Food & Drink*             ACT OF FAITH
PERFORMED: While praying, cleric passes his hands over the bad food/drink. Prayer lasts 1 minute. EXPLANATION: The miracle makes rotten, spoiled, poisonous, or likewise contaminated food/drink/water pure and suitable for consumption. Up to 1 cubic foot of food or 1 liter drink can thus be made suitable for consumption per prayer. Note: The cleric can only do this prayer 10 times a day, after that it is no longer an Act Of Faith and the god may become disgruntled that his cleric is in the food preservation business.
   Time to do: 1 minute
   Lasts:      Instant
   Distance:   nearly touching

NAME:       Remove Fear*                        ACT OF FAITH
PERFORMED: By saying "FEAR NOT, GOD IS WITH US" and touching the victim, the cleric instills courage in recipient. Or by making his DEX roll, touches an unwilling victim, thus removing fear. EXPLANATION: This miracle will either give recipient +4 on rolls Vs. Fear, or +2 on those trying to overcome fear. Morale lasts for 5 minutes. Those who have just overcome their fear are at normal morale.
   Time to do: Instant
   Lasts:      5 minutes
   Distance:   Within 9 inch radius of Cleric/Touch

NAME:       Resist Cold*                       ACT OF FAITH
PERFORMED: By saying "COLD BE DAMNED" and touching the clerics Holy Symbol to the lips, the recipient's body will be inured to cold. EXPLANATION: The recipient can stand 0 Degrees Fahrenheit without discomfort. The recipient resists greater cold by 1/2 damage. This miracle only works on living things. This miracles lasts 5 minutes.
   Time to do: Instant
   Lasts:      5 minutes
   Distance:   Touch

NAME:       Sanctuary*                         ACT OF FAITH
PERFORMED: The cleric kneels with his Holy Symbol and recites the 'LEGENDARY SANCTUARY' prayer for 30 seconds. This sanctuary will then last 2 minutes + 1 minute/rank. Cleric can move about during this time but perform no offensive action. EXPLANATION: When this prayer is in effect, any opponent must make an IQ-4 roll in order to strike at or otherwise attack the cleric [area attacks on others can be made without this penalty though.] If IQ roll is missed, the creature will attack another and totally ignore the protected cleric. During the period of protection afforded by this miracle, the cleric cannot take offensive action, but he may use non-attack miracles or otherwise act in anyway which does not violate the prohibition against offensive action. This allows cleric to heal wounds, to bless, cast light, make truces, etc.
   Time to do: 30 second
   Lasts:      2 minutes + 1 minute/rank
   Distance:   Self
NAME:       Slow Poison*                          ACT OF FAITH
PERFORMED: The cleric forces the poison victim to drink Holy Water, saying "SLOW YE POISON." EXPLANATION: This miracle greatly slows the effect of any venom, even causing supposedly dead individuals (within 60 seconds) to remain at .1 hitpoint for 2.5 minutes/cleric rank. While this spell does not neutralize the venom, it does prevent about 50% of the effect of the poison for 1 hour/rank. Note: Being cured of wounds does not stop poison, though you can cure the damage done by the poison.
   Time to do:	Instant
   Lasts:		Instant
   Distance:	Touch

NAME:       Turn Undead
PERFORMED: The cleric must be in a position to step before the undead, saying "TURN YE, OH INFERNAL UNDEAD" holding forth his Holy Symbol. EXPLANATION: The cleric rolls DEVINE INTERVENTION turning undead as indicated on the matrix. For each successful miracle, add 1/2 point to clerics roll. Roll to see which undead within 6 inches turn (the undead must be able to see the symbol). Failing the miracle means the cleric cannot turn this set of undead this engagement. Turned undead will retreat at least 24 inches away (as per Megahex Avert Spell) and will not return for 2 hours. This affects even Ghouls (though Ghouls are not undead they have associated with dead so long that they take on this characteristic.) and Vampires (Though Vampires with 14+IQ can resist at -5 IQ Roll. A resist by the vampire is not a failed miracle for the cleric, though. A resisted Vamp can attack. Vampires IQ 12-13 that fail roll are only 3 inches averted.) If undead are closely controlled (these are usually skeletons/zombies controlled by wizard, evil clerics, etc.), those affected will become neutral and will do no attacking unless attacked. Another successful miracle on neutralized undead will cause it to flee, retreating 90 inches away with no fighting. (If this causes it to exit its realm of being, then it may well cease to exist.) Clerics of high enough Church rank can actually destroy/damn the undead. Clerics may attempt to turn undead each round.
                               *#= also turned
MATRIX FOR TURNING UNDEAD:      For # that are turned or destroyed.

TYPE OF UNDEAD   RANK 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8
SKELETON/ZOMBIE       2     3     4     5     D2*1  D5    D10   D20
GHOST                 2     2     3     D*1   D2*1  D all D all D all
MUMMY                 1     2     2     3     D*1   D2    D 5	D all
GHOUL                 1     2     3     5     8     10    15    20
WIGHTS                      1     2     3     4     D*1   D 2   D all
NIGHT GAUNTS                      1     2     3     D     D     D all
REVANANTS                               1     2     3     D     D all
VAMPIRES                          1     2     4     6     8     D1*6
   Time to do: Instant
   Lasts:      2 hours
   Distance:   6 inches


There are more miracles....

Lest you wonder if a non-Miracle Worker has no abilities, the clergy does have some powers from the gods...

Avert Undead
Prayers - Common Prayer
       - Prayer for Divine Intervention
       - Benediction
       - Circle of Protection

Ordained Priests have Special Rites:
       - Mass
       - High Mass
       - Consecrations
       - Marriage
       - Confession
       - Supreme Unction
       - Internment
       - Excorcism
       - Conversion
       - Ordination by a Bishop

and other items mostly culled from Chivalry & Sorcery

I have also worked on a Medicine Man/Shaman package.

Just a note on why the radical approach to the piety attribute/piety contribution to a 3D6 die roll system. TFT is one of the only FRPG system that doesn't have 'cleric' defined. So I thought I would try something radical if nothing was sanctioned.

Well, enough controversy for now.

Hail Melee,
John Paul

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